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Dealing With Invention Promotion Bullies 

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Invention promoters really hate it when honest citizens tell prospective inventors the truth about the invention promotion industry. The reason is simple, every time someone speaks up an invention promoter loses a mark who may have been worth $10,000 to $20,000 (according to the FTC) to the industry.  Some are even for more money, for I have had reports of nearly $30,000 in the worst cases.

From time to time a number of invention promoters have threatened those who speak out but in most cases have backed down as soon as they realized that their ill considered action would likely result in considerable publicity. The reason is simple, none of the invention promoters fair well when their operations are examined by media. After all , how can they explain success rates which vary from zero to less than a whopping 0.2 percent.

This is how to deal with invention promotion bullies and the legal thugs who act as their enforcers. First, never back down unless there is a clear error of FACT. I made the mistake of trying to compromise with an invention promoter about factual material which I had published.  I soon discovered that if they had their way ALL the FACTS would have been suppressed. In the end I ended up cutting off contact and restoring all the facts to this site.

Calmly and consistently tell the truth about invention promoter's services. The truth is really damming. Who in their right mind can justify a success rate for invention promoters which averages ten times less that what inventors who never go near an invention promoter achieve and fifty to a hundred times lower success that repeat inventors manage?

Here is what you can do:

1) Encourage every inventor to file complaints as detailed on our SCAM page.

2) Encourage inventor and other community groups to join in our State By State (and Country By Country) campaign to bring invention promotion companies to their knees.

3) Contact local & state wide media - talk shows and newspapers. Tell them your story. Have them call InventorEd and UIA.

4) If you are threatened contact InventorEd, Inc. Executive Director Ronald J. Riley for support. Please fax any threats, or immediately document telephone threats, and fax to (810) 655-8832 or email the letters or your notes to us. We will help you contact appropriate support organizations and financial backing may be available.

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