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Many inventors are sold useless marketing services by Invention Promoters. For more information about Invention Promoters see

SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification Search while NAICS stands for NAICS - North American Industry Classification System.

The promoter hypes marketing by SIC or NAICS code as being something great when in reality it is not. Using these codes to identify prospective licensees is fine. But only as the first step to making personal one on one contacts.

Yet invention promoters tell inventors to mail offers for their invention cold to manufacturers. Guess what happens to them. Right into the waste basket by a low level employee. No one of significance ever sees them.

The invention promoter sells the inventor four to ten hours worth of clerical work which cost all of $50 to $150.00 for between a few thousand dollars up to $20,000. Quite a nice profit margin.

If you fall for this after reading about it here you might as well start wearing a T shirt with "SUCKER" printed front and back.

Understand that while misleading clients into paying huge amounts of money for basically worthless services is immoral it is likely not illegal. At least not by itself.

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