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CAUTION: Invention Promotion - Scams? And other pitfalls:
More Inventors are Victimized By Useless Invention Promotion Services Than Any Other Cause. 
Co-Invention & Co-ownership - Caution Lists, Check before you leap.

Dozier Internet Law Threatens SLAPP on Behalf of: Inventor-Link
This firm is being criticized by major players for making major mistakes in its handling of cases.
ISC Law Firm Friedman & Friedman Get Their Own Web Page
Self Professed Top Licensing Agent Jon Alan Muha Airs ISC's Laundry 
for All To See On Ebay
Michael Kroll USPTO Stayed Suspension Correction
Invention Promoters Go To Jail - More Heading That Way Soon....
.... Now Universal Consulting Services   .... Who's next ? ? ? ?
Invent-Tech Bullies Dissatisfied Clients
Is ISC the king of SLAPP suits? Learn more about it.
Flashing Red DotIs ISC Out To GET InventorEd Founder ?Flashing Red Dot
ABC Creams ISC - Inventor Beware -  By Peter Barnes, Tech Live Washington, DC bureau chief
Call For State By State Action To Stop Fraud
Call For International Cooperation
ISC Class Action
Robert N. Waxman Special Mini Section

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