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Please let us know if you find errors of fact, or even a bad link.  When writing please tell us the address of the page with the error or defective link, and the title of the link.  InventorEd has hundreds of web pages.  This means that we will not likely be able to locate the defective link without the exact URL (web page address).

If you happen to be an English teacher, or excel in composition, please feel free to copy a page into an email and correct it.  

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Invention Promoters - Please Pay Attention

A note for invention promoters.  Please do not send one of those vague "we don't like the truth messages" which seem to be the stock and trade of the attorneys who carry invention promotion water.  Even if you do not know better, the attorney should be well aware that they need to detail specifically, what and where the error is.  Back up the claim with facts.  Remember that ALL claims of this nature will be published. 

It would behoove you to read everything in and at before writing us.

We really publish for your benefit, allowing all to see your point of view.


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